Instagram specialists Tash and Viv discuss the part having a ‘long-term focus’ has on creating a successful Instagram account. Show Notes: [1.30] The importance of playing the ‘Long Game’ [4.15] The difference between starting a business in the past and starting one now and what that means for setting yourself up for success [5.00] The importance of building trust and reputation for your brand [5.25] What happens when you don’t have an online presence or if you don’t prioritise it [5.45] Why having social channels now is as essential as having a website for your brand [6.00] How you’re creating the reputation for your brand [7.25] How to make Instagram part of your business instead of an afterthought [8.15] How to build an audience first and become socially oriented for your brand [8.45] How to create audience ‘buy in’ before launching [10.00] The first thing you should be doing when you start a business [10.10] Rata from @baypicnics [10.30] How Hannah Mellsop from @realradfood credits her business to Instagram [11.20] Hannah’s podcast episode about using Instagram to start her business: [12.30] Kayla from @baybrows and how she is booked out from her 1000 followers [13.15] How Kayla Itsines built her brand on Instagram and the importance of multiple touch points [14.30] Building goals and a vision for your brand or personal brand on Instagram [15.30] Why you’re setting yourself up for the future by starting prioritising social now [15.45] Ways for influencers to action playing the long game [16.00] Why you should start a new account for your brand, not invade your existing Instagram account [17.00] Why you always overestimate what you can do short term and underestimate what you can do in the longterm [18.15] How becoming long term focused has changed our business [19.15] How to avoid selling out too early as an influencer [20.00] How to avoid early financial temptation to sell out [20.30] Why it’s important to pick a specific niche as an influencer [21.00] How to create value as a brand and why it’s important to play the long game as a business [21.40] Summary of the key points of today’s podcast