Alex Negrete is a Webby-nominated content creator of 10+ years. He has been recognized in 250+ news outlets, founded @keeptheheat, @yomama, @animeme (1B views, 9M followers). and was 1 of 70 invited to the White House by President Obama for the Influencer Summit. Alex is the founder of Rise9, a community for top creators and influencers. Alex talks to us about Youtube Vs Instagram, how creators can make it in today’s social media world and his thoughts on the future of IGTV and Instagram. Key Takeaways: – The importance of collaboration to grow and how to find fellow influencers to collab with – The potential of IGTV to take on Youtube – Why you should embrace new app changes and platform changes to stay fresh and relevant – What the creators are doing that are succeeding and how you can do this too Find Alex on his new Instagram account @alexnegrete