How Riley Beek and her boyfriend Blake Bell created a career from posting viral memes on Instagram. Riley and Blake are experts at building audiences. With backgrounds in Vine and Tumblr, Riley and Blake talk us through how they (along with their content creator Hau Ma) used their audience building skills to grow their Instagram account Bitc.h to over 5 million followers. Riley and Blake talk about: – How they initially drove followers to grow the Bitc.h account – The importance of giving the account a ‘face’ – How they utilise Instagram stories for growing their account – What a typical day looks like for an Instagram celebrity with 5 million followers – The process of monetising an Instagram account – Their tips on how to grow an Instagram account in today’s world – What it’s like working and living together If you’re listening screenshot the podcast and post it on your Instagram Story. Tag @bitc.h to get in touch with Riley and Blake and tag @tastefullytash and @vivconway_ for a repost!