There’s nothing more demoralizing than putting in time, energy and resources into your Instagram and not seeing the results of the hard work you’re putting in. 

This episode with hosts Tash and Viv gives you four actionable steps to take right now to break your Instagram plateau and amp up your following and engagement.


[3.00] How to engage like crazy to get give the algorithm a zap

[4.00] The power of replying to stories

[5.27] The actual number of stories you need to engage with to make an impact

[6.29] How to be a ‘lover’ not a ‘lurker’ on Instagram

[6.56] How to use ‘call to actions’ (CTA’s) in your captions

[7.44] How to stay authentic in your captions

[8.15] Why it’s important to reply to comments

[9.19] The truth about what people actually care about

[11.00] How to get comments and answers to your CTA’s

[11.37] How to post when your followers are ready to engage on Instagram

[12.32] The app mentioned is called ‘Prime” (available on Apple)

[13.00] How to use logic to know when to post on Instagram for your account

[13.50] How company’s can use their product/service knowledge to know when they should be posting

[14.55] The ideal way to run an Instagram giveaway

[15.14] ACE = Attract, Collaborate, Ease of Entry for running the ideal giveaway

[16.44] How ‘Bambi Boutique’ uses giveaways to grow their Instagram

[19.22] The lowdown on if loop giveaways still a good way to grow your Instagram

[20.55] Example of the ideal Instagram giveaway

[22.51] Extra tip to boost your Instagram giveaway

[24.23] Review of the 4 points of the podcast


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