@taraamackey is a number 1 best-selling author, a musician, influencer, blogger and entrepreneur. Tara has over 460k followers on Instagram and talks us through Instagram’s role in her career. Tara was born a ‘crack baby’ and up until the age of 24 was on 14 different types of prescription drugs. Against the odds Tara has created her dream career where she gets to develop and share all of her many talents with the world. Tara talks about the skills she is grateful she learned and her tips for brands and influencers when it comes to social media and Instagram. This episode goes deeper than any previous episode and is a raw look into Tara’s inspirational journey. The show notes to this episode are: [1:45] Tara’a Introduction [2.30] Tara’s background story and her career journey [7.30] The relationship with Tara’s http://theorganiclifeblog.com/ & her turning point [9.45] The role of social media in Tara’s career [11.30] What social media means for Tara now in her life and her career [12.15] Tara’s skills she learnt early on that aid her in her career now [12.45] How Tara creates content & her social media strategy [18.00] The new features on Instagram and how they can help audience connections [19.00] Tara’s tips for influencers and brands for how to succeed on Instagram [20.45] How Tara balances all the different aspects of her career [23.15] How to use the ‘WILD method’ to overcome bad habits and bad social media habits [27.00] Creating boundaries for social media and the addictive risks of social media [30:30] Tara reccomends the book ‘The Principles’ by Ray Dalio The link to buy Tara’s new book Wild Habits is: https://www.amazon.com/WILD-Habits-Unlock-Improve-Release/dp/1590794451 Tara’s Instagram is: @taraamackey Tash and Viv’s Instagrams are @tastefullytash and @vivconway_ For more information on how to leverage Instagram for your personal brand or business visit www.acethegram.com