Forbes ’30 under 30’: Motion Sickness’ Sam Stuchbury Shares The Secret To World Class Content Sam Stuchbury, the Kiwi creative director and founder at shares his secrets to creating and producing world class social media content. Sam covers: The process from how to come up with a great idea to executing it The lowdown on Generation Z and why they’re important to the future of marketing and social media The top things to avoid in social media content/ads Shownotes: [2.02] Why creative is important [2.55] How you create an ad that both performs but is interesting to the viewer [3.50] NZ Avocado and the strategy behind their content [4.50] Where ideas come from and how Sam’s advice for how he comes up with the best ideas [6.00] What ideas haven’t worked [6.30] Why testing is important [7.15] How and why to change content to suit each social platform [8.30] Sam’s thoughts on Youtube and the future of ‘long form’ content [9.35] The Scapegrace campaign and content: [11.30] The start to finish process for a content campaign [13.00] Sams thoughts on the future for social media content [13.45] Facebook shows: Lewis Howes new talk show on Facebook Watch [14.55] How Vogue has embraced social media and started more editorial content e.g. their celebrity questions [15.55] Sam’s favourite Youtubers: Casey Neistat ( Sailing the Vagabonde ( John Olsson [17.30] Tash’s favourite wedding video on Youtube: [18.35] The importance of picking a niche [20.50] Sam’s thoughts on generation Z and the impact they will have on marketing [23.00] Why authenticity is important to generation Z [24.25] How brands can market to generation Z [25.46] Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial: [26.50] How to have an eye catching ad/content without being too controversial [28.20] How to get ideas across the line that don’t get direct revenue return [32.23] How to avoid ad ‘propaganda [34.50] Sam’s 5 tips for creating content for Instagram For more on hosts Tash @tastefullytash and Viv @vivconway_ check out