About Tasha Meys And Viv Conway

Tash and Viv are co-founders of Instagram specialist company, Ace The Gram.

Tash and Viv met at Otago University a few years ago whilst studying Food Science.

At the time, Vivien was using Instagram to drive traffic to a website for her sportswear brand, @vividsportswearofficial, and Tash was using Instagram to showcase her food styling/recipe creation for the upcoming job hunt at the end of her degree @tastefullytash.

As it were, Viv and Tash became committed to figuring out how to best grow their Instagram accounts so that they could drive traffic & make sales, and build an influencer profile respectively.

Many hours were spent researching, learning, testing, (and repeating).

Viv once woke up on the hour every hour from 2am to test new theory

And Tash would spend any spare moment at work on her phone figuring out the latest methods for growth.

The girls would speak everyday about what was and wasn’t working, and discuss new growth tactics.

After University and when others started to ask for help and advice, Viv and Tash took on clients alongside their ‘regular’ full time jobs

(Viv worked in the Deer Industry in NZ, and Tash at a Gym in LA).

This process of intense learning continued as they began to successfully manage Instagram accounts for other businesses.

Their dedication and passion for results is what lead them to achieve rates of 3,000+ new followers per month for some accounts,

And more than 6,000 posts from other Instagram users using a client’s branded hashtag.

It quickly became clear that Instagram was a massively under-utilised marketing platform and for the most part, those that were trying to use Instagram were struggling.

With numerous positive testimonials and a growing client base, Tash and Viv left their ‘real’ jobs and began to focus on spreading value and knowledge about Instagram so that more could take advantage of the platform.

Tash and Viv have since worked with many well known brands such as Rhythm & Vines, Comvita, Halo Top, Ballance Agri-nutrients, Subway, The Collective, UNO. Magazine, AIMS Games, and built a community for those wanting to learn about Instagram in their 35k+ Facebook Group, Instagram Growth and Engagement

Their Podcast, Ace The Gram, interviews people from around the world that have successfully used Instagram for business or personal branding, and is available here.

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