Every day over 300 million people use Instagram stories. This Ace the Gram podcast episode goes through all the best ways to find content for your stories, how to make them ‘thumb stopping’, how to involve and connect with your audience and all the techniques to get more people watching them. We go over the following 7 points: 1)CONTENT FOR STORIES – What to post on stories – The importance of UGC – How to get comfortable with ‘face to camera’ stories – How to do shoutouts on your stories – How to re-share posts on stories 2) UTILISE HIGHLIGHTS – create highlights for each of your core messages/offerings – FAQs etc 3) HOW TO MAKE CREATIVE STORIES – Cutstory for longer stories – Progressive text – ‘Unfold’ for 2 videos on one screen etc/layouts – Using polls – Using gifs/stickers etc 4)TOP OF SCREEN TOP OF MIND – Post everyday – 3-5 a day (you want to be left wanting more) 5) INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCE – Use Polls – Slide across emoji – Ask questions to be answered – The best way to do Instagram story Q&As (Sarahah) – Swipe up function 6) SUBTITLES – Your stories should be understood without having audio (subtitles) 7) ENGAGEMENT BOOSTERS – Use the location tag – Hashtags – Replying to other peoples stories – Referring to your story in your caption – Story takeovers – Story shoutouts