The Top 5 Mistakes We See People Making On Instagram and How You Can Avoid Them.

As Instagram develops and matures, key patterns have emerged for what makes a successful and unsuccessful account.

In this episode of Ace the Gram Podcast, Viv and Tash go over the top 5 mistakes they see people making on Instagram.

Viv and Tash have over 5+ years of analyzing client accounts and what makes an Instagram effective or not. 

Show Notes:

[3.08] The first mistake you could be making on Instagram – the lack of clarity around your Instagram intention. What do you want Instagram to be able to do for you?

[7.00[ The importance of focusing on your Instagram intention and not getting caught up in Instagram growth rumours and speculations.

[8.18] How to determine what your value is on Instagram e.g. the difference in the value @gypsea_lust and @thetastelessgentlemen provide.

[9.50] Why people don’t magically find you on Instagram and how you physically bring in new followers to your account

[11.36] The changes in user behaviour and what that means when it comes to measuring Instagram success

[14.00] How to choose the right influencer for your brand/account and why it’s important

[16.50] How to create great content and why it’s detrimental to your brand to post average content

[19.48] Why @art_green is a good example of a person who puts out good content even though he’s not a ‘content creator’

[20.16] The 5 points wrap up

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