Learn how Instagram expert Tim Hyde helped grow today’s iconic social media accounts such as TheLadBible.

Tim also chats about the new tool he has helped develop called Trufan which aggregates your most engaged and influential Instagram followers. 

Tim has run influencer campaigns for Apple, Spotify, Boohoo, has worked at Social Chain and is experienced and knowledgeable about social media.

Show Notes:

[0.45] How Tim got involved in The Lad Bible, launching Call of Duty etc

[1.45] Tim’s background of wanting to be a journalist and his journey to working in social media

[3.30] How the strategy for big campaigns work e.g. launching Call of Duty

[4.46] How Instagram fits into the marketing mix for campaigns and the weight Instagram has in this mix

[7.50] Some of the things Tim takes into consideration when choosing influencers for influencer marketing for campaigns

[10.10] The different ways to work with influencers and which one is most effective for ROI

[11.45] Tim’s top tip for small businesses wanting to start using influencer marketing

[13.30] Trufan https://www.trufan.io/  and how it can help you grow your personal or business Instagram account

[15.30] To find Trufan find it on Instagram at @trufan.io or check out the above website

[16.00] The biggest benefits of using Trufan

[18.03] The journey to creating Trufan and the hurdles to making it what it is now

[18.55] From growing LadBibe and Sporf etc, Tim shares his top tips for how to grow on social media nowadays

[20.56] Tim’s advice for aspiring influencers and how they can position themselves to be a great option for brands to want to work with them

[23.00] Tim’s advice for advertising on Instagram

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