Jo – the founder and CCO (Chief Cookie Officer) of Hello and Cookie talks to us about how she generates sales from using Instagram as her main marketing platform.

@hello_and_cookie has 8k followers on Instagram and gets over 2000 visits to her website every week (just from Instagram).

Jo talks to us about her experience using influencer marketing, giveaways and how she continues to innovate her business and her Instagram

Show Notes:

[1.55] Why Jo started Hello and Cookie

[4.49] How Jo continues to innovate and the importance of knowing your target market

[7.12] What drives Jo in her business and why she thinks you should focus your energy on your own product/service

[8.00] know your target market don’t get lost trying to please everyone.

[10.05] looking at other peoples account objectively to see what you can improve on your own account.

[10.35] main ways to grow her account

[11.36] process for influencer marketing techniques starting small and now going to bigger accounts.

[13.04] 400 followers overnight with a giveaway. 

[13.53] utilizing stories with multiple influencers- the mentality of expecting nothing and gaining anything all little bits of exposure. multiple touch point with audience help in influencers the customer to buy. It all matters whether you are gaining followers or not. 

[15.30] how to pick an influencer that works with your brand- how to make it relatable to the influencer branded/ personalized may get someone more excited.

[16.58] How to optimize your chances of carrying out the best giveaway

[17.59] The detailed run-through of how to go about running a successful giveaway with another company

[20.34] Why Jo only works with most influencers once

[20.51] How Jo ensures she converts the traffic she gets from Instagram

[23.13] How Jo was motivated to keep going in her business and her small business tips for when you’re starting

[24.30] Jo’s top tips for starting out on Instagram and her business tips

[32.10] Why Jo stopped posting for a while on Instagram and why


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