Whether you know her from her rainbow hair or her popular EDM music, this episode is an in-depth chat with the amazing Dara Hayes aka DJ TIgerlily.


As well as being one of Australias top DJs, Dara is a social media personality. She has over 600k followers on Instagram and has built a loyal online community.


Dara shares her Instagram tips for artists/musicians and entrepreneurs and talks about how she built her community.


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Show Notes:


[2.27] When and why Dara started her DJ Tigerlily Instagram account

[4.02] How Instagram falls into the marketing mix for Dara and the impact social media has on her career

[6.20] Why Instagram is the most powerful social media platform for artists and how to use it to connect to fans/audiences

[7.06] Dara’s advice to other artists to optimise Instagram for their career

[10.42] How Dara’s hair had an impact on her career and it’s impact on her online presence

[12.30] How Dara balances a social media career and staying grounded

[15.08] To find Dara’s new Instagram account it’s @our.soul.purpose

[16.02] Dara’s new podcast Our Soul Podcast is available on any podcast app – her music podcast is Team Tiger Radio

[17.00] How Dara makes her creative Instagram stories

[17.45] The ‘door doof/boom boom’ stories

[18.16] Creative ways to promote podcasts

[19.30] Rich Roll and how he grows his podcast

[20.37] The key changes Dara have noticed in using Instagram in the past to how she uses Instagram now

[21.20] Why Dara has diversified her Instagram accounts and split them into her different interests

[23.38] How personal content is performing on Instagram versus professional produced content

[24.52] What is next for Dara and what her vision is for the future

[25.55] Dara’s passion for animals

[27.23] Dara’s NZ animal farm trip

[28.30] Dara’s future planning

[29.21] What podcasts does Dara listen to?

  • Rich Roll, The Healthy Hustlers, ATP Project, Plant Proof, Dr Kyle, Shameless

[31.50] The importance of varied interests and how to keep your passion alive

[33.20] The importance of hiring

[33.37] To find Dara:


Instagram: @djtigerlily

Spotify: DJ Tigerlily

Website: DJtigerlily.com

New Instagram @our.soul.purpose