Brendan Kane talks about how he build an audience of over 1 million followers in 30 days. 

Brendan is an expert at building audiences and has worked with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katie Couric, Charles Barkley, Michael Strahan, Zoe Saldana, Jason Statham etc.

More than 50 million people worldwide have accessed the applications and platforms that were created for his celebrity clients.

Brendan shares his knowledge on audience growth, e-commerce sales, and personal branding.

Show Notes:

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[1.49] How Brendan build 100M followers in 30 days

[3.05] How Brendan creates his own high performing content

[4.15] Whether there is a difference in growing a personal brand or business

[4.31] How Brendan built tech platforms for Taylor Swift and what it was like working with her

[5.30] The best approach to build a brand profile on social media and how to use influencers/ambassadors

[7.05] How authentic Taylor Swift is

[7.54] How celebrities have to approach social media compared to the normal user

[9.48] How you know what type of content to start testing with for your account

[11.25] How to start small to not risk too much investment in the testing phase

[12.49] How to run content testing on Instagram

[13.50] The three testing techniques Brendan uses for social media content

[14.49] Testing content on 3rd party channels

[15.16] How to go about getting posted on other peoples channels

[15.45] Find out which channels share content that has an audience that is relevant to you – solidify relationships and reach out about them sharing your content on their channels

[18.03] How to actually reach out to channels to feature your content

[19.25] Should you use a lead magnet to drive Instagram traffic

[20.50] How Brendan helped Taylor Swift hit her first million dollar month and e-commerce and his e-commerce tips

[22.20] How Taylor Swift initially build her audience

[23.33] When you are being featured on influencers accounts -what’s the best way to be featured

[25.45] How you can stand out now as a small business

[27.27] Direct message ‘Brendankane’ on Instagram or email for the link for Brendan’s report for how to grow and test hook points and headlines

[29.13] to find out how Brendan grew 100 million followers in 30 days. In the book he also includes his friends strategies and techniques for growth

[32.19] Brendan’s number one Instagram growth tip

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