How User Behaviour Is Changing On Instagram and What That Means For You

In this episode, we go over the key differences in how people are using the Instagram platform differently to how they used to. 


We talk through the ways that you can optimise Instagram for maximum impact in today’s algorithm.


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Show Notes:

[1.09] How behaviour on Instagram is changing

[1.40] How this topic came to be and why people are using the platform differently now to the way they used to

[2.38] Why ‘vanity metrics’ aren’t always representative of the impact Instagram is having on your business

[4.18] How to find your profile visits

[5.41] The five key ways to make an impact on Instagram

[5.46] How to utalise UGC (user generated content) for social proofing 

[8.45] How to get the ball rolling on getting people to repost you

[9.55] Using IG stories to boost your brand – examples (Kayla @tribeskincare) 

[10.51] How to use IG story highlights to push aspects of your business you want your audience to know

[11.45] Why you should do FAQ’s as a story highlight 

[13.37] Announcement for Ace the Gram Membership Group for more

[16.39] Clarity of your message and determining your brand voice on Instagram

[18.05] @frank_bod as an example of a brand with a good ‘brand voice’

[19.25] How to create a brand voice avatar

[20.25] @Luckyluckynoodle and how they create a strong brand voice

[21.32] To have a live consult on the Ace the Gram podcast –

[22.44] Summary of how Instagram user behaviour is changing


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