Today’s episode is with Anthony Svirskis: CEO of TRIBE -a self-serve marketplace connecting social media influencers with brands. 

Overseeing hundreds of influencer/brand campaigns has given Anthony a unique insight into what works when it comes to successful collaborations. 

Anthony gives us the low-down on how he sees influencer/brand partnerships working, the standard industry rates to expect and how to optimize Instagram for both parties.

Show Notes:

[1.18] Introduction to Anthony Svirskis

[1.53] What is the purpose of the ‘Tribe’ platform 

[2.20] The background of how Tribe came about

[5.05] How someone can use Tribe as a brand or as a creator

[5.57] The impact the Instagram’s algorithm change has had on the influencer marketing space

[9.30] How using Influencers who have already bought a brands product has improved the usual influencer-brand collaboration relationship

[12.06] What brands are using the platform and how big companies need to be to start using influencer marketing

[13.04] The key characteristics of a successful influencer marketing branded campaign

[18.07] The rates you should be charging as an influencer (Aus based)

[21.20] How influencer rates are determined

[22.25] Where influencer marketing is headed

[24.42] Advice for small business owners using influencer marketing

[29.38] Anthony’s key advice for how to use Instagram better as a brand or an influencer

Links to Tribe platform:

Below is the standard ‘rates’ card for influencers when charging brands.