Jane Lu left her career in corporate finance to start her second startup Showpo.

Showpo has never received funding, it makes over 30M per year, has over 2.9M followers across Instagram & Facebook and was named online retailer of the year.  

In this Ace the Gram podcast episode, Jane gives us the inside secrets on her Showpo journey and how she grew it to where it is today.

Jane also shares her best Instagram and social media tips.

Show Notes:

[2.45] How and why did Jane start Showpo

[3.50] Jane’s first business and why it didn’t work

[4.25] The role of Instagram in Showpo

[6.07] How Jane initially grew the Showpo account

[7.00] Jane’s Instagram tips for fashion brands

[8.13] Why you don’t need a fancy camera to have a successful Instagram

[8.44] Why Jane’s personal Instagram account is called @thelazyceo

[9.50] Why Jane thinks Showpo has grown so fast

[11.33] Why raving to Skrillex in Miami was a pivotal moment in Showpo’s growth

[12.19] What role Jane now plays in Showpo and how she balances the social media

[13.15] Why Showpo started their Youtube channel and the platforms they use for marketing

[16:00] Why social media is so important in advertising and building trust

[17.32] Why Jane started her personal brand and the pros and cons of having a strong personal brand

[20.00] Jane’s FB Group “Like Minded Bit*ches Drinking Wine

[20.40] Why Jane decided to do a public apology for Showpo

[22.30] How you can be authentic on social media as a business

[23.45] What’s next for Showpo

[25.50] Where Jane gets her inspiration

[26.48] How Jane gets her inspiration

[27.02] Jane’s advice for a small biz/influencer for using Instagram

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