Personal branding is an increasingly hot topic. 

This podcast goes over what a personal brand is, the types of personal brands, how to create and grow a personal brand, the pros, and cons of a personal brand and how to monetise a personal brand.

[1.25] Introduction to personal branding

[4.15] Examples of personal branding – being the face of a business

Kayla from Tribe Skincare 

[5.12] How Jane- the creator of Showpo has created her personal brand

[5.55] Why Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk is a personal brand known for his message, not one core business

[7.09] Why Tim Ferriss is a strong personal brand

[7.50] Pros to having a personal brand 

[8.15] How personal branding has helped @realradfood’s business

[8.44] Why personal branding is becoming more popular and why it is setting you up for future decisions/changes

[9.25] How you create value and get the ball moving on your personal brand

[9.48] Why it’s important to determine the value you’re creating for your audience

[11:05] @allaboutannieblog personal brand about Endometriosis

[12.00] Cons about personal branding

[12.39] Tony Robbins and his personal branding strategy

[13.15] How a scandal can affect your personal brand & your linked businesses

[13.48] Elon Musk’s personal brand pros and cons

[14.22] Logan Paul implications of having a strong personal brand when experiencing a scandal 

[16.20] Why YouTubers are such effective examples of personal brands and the influence they can have

[17.22] How to monetise a personal brand

[17.58] How Tash monetised @tastefullytash

[19.50] Strategies to monetise a personal branded account

[20.17] How affiliate sales work

[20.29] @theskinnyconfidential and how she uses affiliate sales

[21.42] @thefitfoodieblog and how she has created a service from having a personal brand

[22.48] Recap: Products, services, collaborations, affiliation sales

[23.03] How to grow your personal brand

[24.05] How travel influencers/photographers use collaboration for growth

[26.57] The common thread amongst successful personal brands

[28.37] Recap


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