Pete has built his @achievetheimpossible Instagram page to over 1 million followers and his personal page to over 43 thousand followers. 

Pete has used Instagram to achieve his dream and is now showing others how they can achieve theirs using Instagram. Pete is a fellow kiwi and shares his tips and knowledge on how he grew his account and what he teaches his Instagram clients.

[1.30] Intro to Pete Bone 

[2.25] Why and when Pete started his account @achievetheimpossible

[3.45] How Pete decided to start an inspirational quote page

[4.50] How Pete went from being a teacher to a full-time Instagrammer and Instagram coach

[6.09] Pete’s technique he used to grow his account to it’s first 10 thousand followers

[7.18] Pete’s early commenting and engaging formula to grow his account

[11.23] What hitting 10k meant for connecting to other Instagram accounts

[11.46] @thinkgrowprosper is mentioned

[14.50] Why Pete built a personal brand and how it was different to building his brand

[17.53] Pete mentions the Ace the Gram podcast episode with Tobi Pearce – CEO of Sweat

[19.48] Why it’s not always numbers that matter on Instagram and the importance of what you’re posting

[23.11] How Instagram connected Pete with Lewis Howes 

[24.12] The coolest thing that has happened to Pete because of Instagram

[31.00] How Pete is funding his Achieve the Impossible life

[35.35] How to get the most out of Instagram coaching

[36.50] Pete’s 4 action points for you to grow your Instagram following & engagement

  1. Know your ideal follower
  2. Connect on a deeper level
  3. ACC – Post authentic, credible, consistent content
  4. Know your passion and know your purpose


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